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A payment is the very simple act of transferring ownership of value from one entity to another. However, what began as a very simple activity, over time has become tremendously complex due to the increasing number of ways in which buyers and sellers, and senders and receivers of value communicate with each other. Additionally, the Internet and mobile phones are fundamentally altering the way in which commerce is conducted globally and how payments are made. Transaction speed and borderless commerce are making the world smaller and marketplaces more efficient.

At RPGC, we are very familiar with all aspects of the payments business, especially with "remote" payments such as Web-based or Mobile-based payments. These are very challenging type of payments because of specific regulations that applies to them and because of the possibility of fraud. We also specialize in cross border payment transactions, an area that is gaining much interest as buyers and sellers are looking beyond their geographical boundaries to expand their markets and to extend their sources of goods and services. Additionally, we also help merchants and financial institutions decipher the "untidiness" in the payments space brought about by the many alternative payments schemes now available.

As Senior Director of Strategy and Industry Relations at PayPal, RPGC founder, René Pelegero, tracked many of the "alternative" payments schemes and often spoke on this topic at conferences and seminars. In addition, René also ran payments for for 4 years and helped set up payments acceptance in UK, Germany, France, Canada, and Japan. Further, in his consulting capacity, René also helped Google set up payments acceptance in 60 countries and 50 currencies in less than 6 months as well as helped PayPal's international expansion. See René's Bio here.

Additionally, RPGC also has access to a global virtual consultant's network which expands RPGC's consulting capabilities in the areas of Fraud & Risk Management, Card Issuing and Acquiring, as well as FX and Treasury Management. See here for an overview of partner consulting companies and summary bios of partner consultants. All work performed by these consultants is billed through, and guaranteed by, RPGC.

We believe at RPGC that knowledge is power and that there is a need to simplify the complexity that payments have developed over time. Thus, Payments education is another area RPGC will offer as a value added service to our Clients through a Global Payments University, comprised of a variety of classes and sessions covering the intricacies of global payments. The world is becoming a smaller place and cross border commerce is becoming commonplace.

RPGC's expertise is global and all advice provided has a global perspective and insight. We look forward to offering you our views and counsel.


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